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Senior Executive Search

Trust us for C-suite placement

Your company needs senior executives — C-suite and other leaders in positions with the greatest impact — who perform at a consistently high level. We maintain a dedicated senior executive search practice to find the people with the talent, energy and vision to lead your company's growth.

We start with alignment: you need not just people who can succeed, but people who can succeed in your organization.

This is true of any search we manage, but it's particularly important for senior executives.

When you work with DHG Search, we connect you with candidates who align with your company, its values and vision. Our search goes wide and deep, because we're targeting people who excel in their current jobs.

If they're right for you, we'll work to make sure they see that too.


DHG Search Strategic Recruiting Process

Our strategic recruiting process

The stakes are too high for wasted time or errors. Understanding your company, its culture and how the right candidate fits are the keys to finding that candidate.

We know what success means for specific functions because we talk to people every day who succeed in these roles. Our focus on selected industries keeps us deeply engaged and up-to-date with their unique trends, opportunities and challenges.

Our experience and robust network of senior executive connections inform our insights and the resulting recommendations. We guarantee our placements, which expresses our confidence in our process and its results.

More about our Process

Finding the Right Candidate, Understanding your company

Discretion and discipline

Recruiting a senior executive who embodies both achievement and ambition is a delicate, extended process. Absolute discretion is important for our client companies and the candidates they speak to.

Our clients trust us to make initial contacts and then gauge interest level. Every step forward is planned and deliberate, and we're careful to give the candidates the space they need.

We take the time to source, recruit, vet and refine a slate of candidates, and produce a detailed report on each of them. These reports are more than resumes — they delve into the analysis behind our recommendations, as well as potential challenges recruiting may face.

Discretion and discipline

Search management and communications

This is where our track record and industry relationships pay dividends. When we call and say, "There's somebody you should meet," our clients trust the insight behind the recommendation.

During our search and recruiting, we have weekly conference calls with clients to discuss where we are in the process, who we're talking to and our progress with them.

We value the input and engagement of your C-suite and board of directors during our senior executive searches. Having a dedicated team work on recruiting the right candidate keeps the process on track and moving forward, and we prioritize keeping you apprised of our progress.

Search management and communications

Our deep resources help you achieve your goals

As part of a Top 20 CPA firm, DHG Search offers a broad range of resources and advisory services.
Our professionals work closely with DHG colleagues in assurance, tax and advisory services to help you succeed.

Our regular engagement with senior executives in your industry adds to our understanding of your opportunities and challenges.
It also helps us maintain a talent pool stocked with high-quality candidates at the VP, director and manager levels.