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Professional Search

Finding uniquely qualified professionals

Our core focus is on professional search, recruiting and placement for operational and technical functions. Our search advisors focus on specific industries and functions, including the skills and certifications for ERP systems, database development and management, software and application development and systems integration.

We build on that knowledge base with a deep commitment to the industries we serve — we participate in continuing education and industry associations at the member and director level.

Most importantly, we get to know our client companies and candidates. Our record of successful placement for professional functions helps to build trust, along with our placement guarantee. When we place a candidate with a client company, both parties know it’s going to be a successful integration.

DHG Search Strategic Recruiting Process

What makes us different?

We value relationships over individual placements — and nothing erodes trust like wasting a client’s time with candidates who don’t succeed in their new functions.

If you engage us once, we want you to look forward to working with us again. So, we look for the right skills and certifications, but we also consider the intangibles of culture and personality to recommend candidates with aligned values and mindset.

Our guarantee on all placements means we’re fully vested in delivering results for both client companies and candidates.

Finding the Right Candidate, Understanding your company

How we work with client companies

We start with years of experience successfully placing operating and technical professionals in public and private companies. Our search advisors work with you to develop a real understanding of your company and what the right candidate needs to succeed.

We offer the flexibility of retained search, contingency search and interim search options, all conducted with absolute discretion and professionalism.

More about our Process

How we work with professional candidates

You can trust DHG Search advisors to support your career with absolute discretion and professionalism. We’ll never send your resume to a potential employer without first discussing the opportunity with you and receiving your express consent to move forward.

We stand behind our recommendations with a guarantee on all placements, so you know we’re invested in a positive outcome for you and your new company.

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Our deep resources help you achieve your goals

As part of a Top 20 CPA firm, DHG Search offers a broad range of resources and advisory services.
Our professionals work closely with DHG colleagues in assurance, tax and advisory services to help you succeed.

Our regular engagement with senior executives in your industry adds to our understanding of your opportunities and challenges.
It also helps us maintain a talent pool stocked with high-quality candidates at the senior executive, executive and professional levels.