Dealership Recruiting
driving relationships forward

Finding the right talent is critical to your success. DHG Search maintains a dedicated dealerships practice, with hundreds of relationships coast-to-coast, a strong commitment to the industry and active participation in dealer associations.


Relationships built on trust

We know the space and have quick access to the key players to fill the search pipeline with requests for the talent you need. You can connect with experienced dealership professionals succeeding in their current position — people who trust us when we call them with a career opportunity.

DHG Search has created a confidential space for conversation, so dealers that are hiring can talk with high-quality candidates, each selected by a strategic recruiting process shaped by experience, analytics and intuition.

Suzanne Malo, Senior Recruiting Manager, DHG Search
DHG Search Strategic Recruiting Process

The value of strategic advisors

Our strategic recruiting process, like the relationships it runs on, is well-established and effective. Clients who have the discipline to use this process find that it pays off with high-quality hires — dealership professionals who are smart, engaged and ready to help drive growth.

DHG Search relationships start with an executive recruiting engagement, which is where we earn trust as strategic advisors. We get to know the client organization, culture and brand, so we can match it with the personality, skills and ambition of the right candidate.

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We have experience finding and recruiting candidates for major dealership challenges:


Succession planning

Downsizing / under-performance

Open positions / unmet internal needs

How engagements become relationships

Relationships count for more than individual placements, so we only recommend candidates who fit your organization and culture. Our diligence drives our understanding of your needs and those of the best candidates for your jobs (we represent the hiring company, but we know this must be a win for both parties).

Over time, DHG Search clients see the value we add, with a 360-degree view of the marketplace, a selection process that moves forward without wasted movement and recommendations to support the right hiring decision.

We offer an engaged search agreement, with progress billing as we complete each stage, plus a guarantee on every placement. DHG Search also supports offer negotiations with in-depth salary and market knowledge.

DHG Search Dealership experience

Our dedicated dealership practice connects you to hundreds of dealer relationships coast to coast.

Retained Search
— For senior executive recruiting

This is our recommendation for clients who want to fill a senior executive or impact player role. These searches typically take more time and are more challenging to complete — clients and candidates both have questions about working and reporting relationships, responsibilities and the fit between culture and personality.

The answers to these questions come from our analysis and insight, with a thorough and thoughtful approach to concerns on both sides. We take this due diligence seriously and, when necessary, handle the search without disclosing the company’s identity.

Retained Search

Successful placement experience with dealerships includes:

Senior Executive Search

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  

Chief Operating Officer (COO)  

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  

Chief Information Officer (CIO)  

Platform Director  

Fixed Operations Director  


Executive Search

General Manager  


Human Resources Director  

Parts & Service Director