Our Process

Our Process

We offer retained, contingency and interim search options for more flexibility. Regardless of which you choose, you can trust us to do the following:

Ask the right questions and listen to your answers.

Understand your company, its culture and what kind of candidate you need.

Create a strategic recruiting profile to find the best candidate.

Recruit locally and nationally to find the best talent.

Interview candidates as part of our screening.

Give you a better return on your time and money.

Our search and executive recruiting process combines analytics and insight, resulting in candidates we can recommend with confidence. It’s why we guarantee all placements.

DHG Search Strategic Recruiting Process

Retained Search
— For senior executive recruiting

This is our recommendation for clients who want to fill a senior executive or impact player role. These searches typically take more time and are more challenging to complete — clients and candidates both have questions about working and reporting relationships, responsibilities and the fit between culture and personality.

The answers to these questions come from our analysis and insight, with a thorough and thoughtful approach to concerns on both sides. We take this due diligence seriously and when necessary, handle the search without disclosing the company’s identity.

Retained Search
The value of a strategic recruiting profile

Our clients trust us to source and screen candidates carefully, using a strategic recruiting profile to gather a group of candidates and then evaluate them on an individual basis. These profiles contain the experience, skills and personal qualities required for success, so they’re essential for finding and ultimately selecting the right candidate.

The retainer covers our near-term costs and secures the time and resources to complete our search. We invoice the remainder as stages progress.

We never share a resume without the candidate’s knowledge and permission

Our value is built on the trust we earn with both client companies and prospective candidates. Unlike other search firms, we never send a resume to a client company without the candidate’s informed consent and permission.

This trust in our discretion creates the safe space companies and clients need to move forward with their conversations.

Contingency Search
— Retained search without the dedicated resource allocation

This offers many of the benefits of retained search, relying on readily available candidates in our network (we maintain an active database of candidates, including “passive” candidates who are content in their current positions but will consider the right opportunity).

With contingency search, we bill upon successful placement. This search process also comes with the DHG Search placement guarantee.

Contingency Search
Career Advisory Services — For new opportunities and the newly unemployed

If you’re mid-career and ready to explore opportunities, we can help. If you’re an industry veteran and find yourself out of a job, we can help you too.

Our search advisors will work with you on a resume that details your achievements and defines your value proposition. If you feel a little rusty, we can coach you on interviewing.

With your approval, we can submit your resume to companies looking for your combination of skills, experience and personality — all with complete discretion and professionalism.

Interim placement for experienced executives

We connect companies with skilled, experienced executives who can come on board and deliver departmental change or complete a project. If you have experience as a CEO, COO, CFO, CIO or CMO and prefer to work on a project basis, then we should talk.

If you have a company that needs a senior executive to support a sale, acquisition, merger or new program launch, call us at 855.459.8506 or contact us here.

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