We offer retained search and contingency search compensation options for more flexibility. Regardless of which option you choose, you can trust us to do the following:

Ask the right questions and listen carefully to your answers.

Understand your company, your culture and what kind of candidate you need.

Create a strategic recruiting profile to find the best candidate.

Recruit locally and nationally to draw the best talent from the deepest pool.

Interview candidates as part of our screening process.

Give you a better return on your time and money.

Our process, based on proven analytics and insight you can trust, delivers candidates we can recommend with confidence. We offer a guarantee on all placements.

Retained Search
Our recommendation for high-level and specialized executive recruiting

We recommend retained search for clients who need to fill a C-level, senior management or more specialized positions in accounting & finance or information technology. These searches typically take more time and are more challenging to complete. Both the client company and candidate will have extensive questions about working relationships, responsibilities, the fit between culture and personality — all of this due diligence must occasionally be handled without disclosing the company’s identity.

We never send a resume anywhere without the candidate's knowledge and permission

Our value as search advisors is based on trust — the trust we build with both client companies and our candidates.  Unlike other search firms, we never send a resume to a client company without the candidate's informed consent and permission to move forward.

Companies can trust us to source candidates carefully, using our in-depth understanding of them to create a strategic recruiting profile, then select candidates by hand (this isn't the kind of search you can complete with a web blast). 

The retainer for retained search covers our near-term costs, with the remainder of our fee invoiced upon successful placement.  It also ensures that we dedicate more time to this search and allocate every available resource.

Contingency Search
The benefits of retained search without the dedicated allocation of resources

Our contingency search process offers many of the same benefits of retained search, but relies on readily available candidates in our network (we maintain an active database of potential candidates, including “passive” candidates who are content in their current positions but willing to consider new opportunities).

With contingency search, we bill upon completion of the search process and successful placement.  Whether we engage in a retained search or contingency search, we offer our guarantee on the placement.


Contract Placement
Plug'n'play solutions for temporary or placeholder positions

Our contract placement services fill positions vacated by medical leave or other unexpected developments.  We maintain deep inventories of accounting & finance and IT professionals who prefer short-term employment, offering the experience and skill sets necessary to handle responsibilities with minimal orientation and supervision.

Career Advisory Services
For the newly unemployed and the employed looking for new options

Let's say you're a 25-year veteran in accounting & finance or information technology, and you suddenly find yourself out of a job.  You need our career advisory services.

It's common in these circumstances to feel disoriented and unsure of your next steps, but we can help with career orientation, resume development and interview coaching.  Our search advisors can help you create a resume that effectively summarizes your accomplishments and defines your value proposition.  We can also coach you on how to interview, if you're feeling a little rusty, and then help you plot a course for new career opportunities.

Our career advisory services are also useful if you're in mid-career and ready to explore other options.  With your approval, we can submit your resume to employers looking for your combination of experience, skills and personality — all with complete discretion and professionalism.